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Old Guys …


JEMDSC_0155-1bI don’t mind being an Old Guy. Of course realistically, I’d be out of luck if I did. Anyway, I love being an old guy with old guy ways … old guy wisdom, old guy thoughts, desires and hopes. Ever wonder what old guys do during the day, night or throughout the week?

Well, we pretty much do what we want to do, baring surviving spousal direction, or economic necessity. Either whim, dislocated thought train, or following an impulse that usually proves expensive and near about impossible to explain, old guys are out there; often unsupervised and left to their own devices. Where can you find old guys? Well … we are found in bars, public parks, lounges, coffee houses, fast food eateries, and diners for a short list.

Pretty much old guys can be found where they are not run off for being a nuisance, eye sore or disruptive to the common good. Old style diners that have survived the march of time are nearly a sure bet to support a clutch of coffee drinkers and long lunch old guy patrons.

A few days ago at the diner. I had a captivating lunch with a couple of ‘country boys’ as they referred to themselves. Since we were approximately the same age and Old Guys, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to the good old days. Stories flowed about galvanized buckets filled with chunk coal sitting on a screened-in back porch for a morning fire, to clapboard two room houses without electricity, reading Progressive Farmer Magazine by candle light, and the old wood veneer cabinet radios powered by Model A car batteries.

During our spirited conversation, I noticed out of the corner of my left eye that the waitress was leaning against the counter … listening with an expression reminiscent of curious disbelief.DinerSeating-1bw

We had a grand time sharing stories of things past and the peculiarities of the present. There was coffee, tea in endless ups and glasses, and a meal fit for kings and queens. There are few places that personify hospitality and age association more than an old fashioned diner. I come by my love of them honestly. I was raised to appreciate the feel of chrome steel, faux-leather and the distinctive smell of the meatloaf special from last August.

One Thanksgiving back in the late fifties, when my mother was in the hospital, my father took my brothers and I to a diner located near his office. The whole incident was similar to the Christmas Dinner scene in the movie ‘A Christmas Story”. It made a strong impression on a very young man such as myself. I was pretty much hooked on diner eating and the diner culture.

I do love being an old guy even with all the baggage it entails. And, I do admit I follow a schedule subject to instant change or revision, My photographic eye has more than once led me astray, changed my schedule or to attempt something far beyond my present physical limitations. Even as I pen this blog post, I am trying to figure out how to climb a cliff to obtain that great and often not seen train shot from above … of course without being arrested for trespassing.OldGuyAtCoroner-1BBut for the most part … I can often be found lounging in a good coffee house, diner or lax visitation policy minded fast-food establishment with other old guys. If you happen upon me, sit down, and if I still have a dollar in my pocket, I’ll buy the coffee.

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

2 thoughts on “Old Guys …

  1. I am loving these stories and all the old time shots you call your postcard series. I love it all and I wish I could spend a day talking to you. Maybe one of these days Kentucky will be on my radar screen. Have a good day John.


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