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Nikon D80 And The Canon EOS Rebel G

I took a photograph with a Canon Camera today. From what I observed, the skies didn’t darken, villagers bearing torches and pitchforks didn’t chase me down narrow cobblestone streets, and small children have yet to stop and pelt me with stones whenever I walk by. Despite rumors and dire warnings … I heard the reassuring clatter of a 35mm  shutter opening and closing for the first time in decades. That familiar sound harbors neither malice or prejudices.

I have been a Nikon man ever since I hung up my old 4X5 Crown Graphic sheet film camera. Starting with a pocket Nikon 4100 I progressed up to the D80 I use today, Nikon is what has worked for me. The Canon 35 mm camera is a return to 35 mm film, or a return to my origins.

When I was a young man back in ’65, I bought two cameras. One was a Asahi Pentax 35 mm and the other was a Yashica Twin-Lens 120. The twin lens gave up quickly and I ended up carrying the Pentax everywhere from France to Turkey and all points in-between. I must have owned four of five of the cameras and didn’t use much else until I obtained my Crown Graphic 4×5 large format camera.

The Canon is a lightweight camera that is quite easy to load and use. You got to get used to the control settings but other than that the only fallback is that it is a film camera. No matter what you do … a preview of your photograph will not show up on the back of the camera. And, I will admit that I have become quite spoiled by the instant gratification a digital camera gives when you press the shutter release button. I will have to use some of the patience I use shooting bird photographs and put it in play waiting for next day service.

I haven’t finished shooting the first roll of film. Noir type photographs are planned, but I am first running a roll of color through the camera. It would be a good thing to get a feeling about what it likes and doesn’t like.  We shall see what happens.

I will give a hats off to Master Photographer Kurt Clark from Bellevue, Washington. He uses several of these cameras and it was a post of his on Facebook that got me interested in film again.


Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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