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It’s Thursday?

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It’s Thursday? Feels like Saturday, but since my forced retirement almost everyday seems like Saturday. I did just here lately receive a marker to help me keep up with the days when my Sweetheart started dialysis three times a week; every single week of the year. DinerSeating-1bwSo, now Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays have a new meaning which is four hours waiting for her to have her treatment and then be ready to head on home. I am during the treatment period, three days a week, left to my own devices. Oh … my.

I have been left to my own devices before and for someone who has no sense of time or dates, that is a burdensome predicament fraught with pitfalls and dangers. But, I come by my no sense of time honestly and unfortunately it took many, many years of frustration for my wife to finely understand and accept my handicap.

Anyway, I have learned a few valuable lessons about losing track of dates and time during the years but they all came at a price. My Sweetheart used to have Thursdays off way back when we first were married … and she worked. She would have my lunch fixed and ready and I was able to come home and enjoy a hour with her before returning to the grind. During the first part and last part of the week I ate lunch at the diner.

The lunch type system worked pretty well, but as many things in this unpredictable life was prone to human frailties and shortcomings … that would be MY human frailties and shortcomings of course …

Well, sure enough, I came to my senses one Thursday as I finished my diner lunch and realized I was completely in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing. Stuffed full with everything on the left side of the menu including pie, I proceeded home at a rapid pace and apologetically walked in to find a wonderful pork chop with all the fixin’s lunch waiting for me. Well … I could have confessed to more than just being late, but I learned the hard way that in more times than not … it is best to keep your yapper shut. Yep, the true secret to martial bliss is knowing when and where to keep that yapper shut.

Everything was really good; really good don’t you know. I even had a second pork chop with a tad more fried potatoes, sweet corn and hot buttered rolls. I smiled like a mule eating briers. I got a little worried when I caught the dog staring at me. Through penetrating eyes she knew I was full of it and the definition of guilty. We had been together around ten years and she knew me like a book. Fortunately, she couldn’t talk and I wasn’t about to start. It was another twenty years before I told my Sweetheart about that Thursday.

Funny … she stared at me with that same penetrating look I had feared from my dog back in the day …


Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

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