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It’s Dialysis Day …

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My Sweetheart And Gretchen

Up early and dragging a bit. The target time is nine forty-five in the morning and then on the road. Rain, shine, snow, or freezing temperatures, it doesn’t matter, the routine is unyielding and demanding. Five-thirty in the morning and getting into and starting up the car after an ice storm… no problem. Hot water poured on frozen door seams will get the door open despite how much they resist or protest. Five-thirty in the morning and eighty smothery degrees that take your breath away … no problem. Just crank that air conditioner up and put an extra gallon of gasoline in the tank.

Thirty-eight miles down the road lies Somerset, Kentucky and the dialysis center. When she is called back and gets weighed, I help by placing her purse, drink, lunch and seat cushion in the proper place on or next to her reclining chair. It is only a moment before she is ready for me to cover her with a treasured quilt. At that point, I have to leave. I am also left to my own devices for the next four hours.

I cannot imagine being plugged up to a machine and having to sit still for four very long hours. I have to admire her courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Without obedience to the rules regarding kidney failure, diet and dialysis treatments, this life and all its wonderful attributes would be forfeited. Dialysis is an unrelenting taskmaster. The treatment regime for my Sweetheart is four hours a day three times a week.

It has been nearly a year since my Sweetheart started dialysis. The treatments are hard on her and at times she can barely walk to the car and suffers with a thirty minute memory. This loss of memory seems the to be the hardest hardest factor to accept. It can be heartbreaking to witness my Sweetheart disappearing before my eyes. Her memory loss combined with her Meniere’s Disease make her daily life difficult and frustrates her to no end. Her driving days like many other daily tasks taken for granted ended with the Meniere’s diagnosis. So … there are good days and bad days.

I have been well schooled on how laundry is folded correctly.

Since my Sweetheart can no longer climb or go down stairs, I go to the basement and do all the laundry. My laundry education included the proper use and application of wire hangers and how to fold, but not wrinkle non-hanger clothes. Yep, I have been well schooled on how laundry is folded correctly. I also cook her breakfast most days so she has time with her morning getting ready to travel routine. She tires out with a little physical exertion and that is frustrating for her. So saving her minutes here and there add up quickly.

On off days she has started sitting out with me on the front or rear porch. There we throw peanuts to the Blue Jays. We are able on most of those mornings to relax, drink our coffee and play with the Gretchen dog without interruption. That is a good and welcomed thing to experience. Finding out place on the normal scale has been difficult at times. But we do what has to be done and then go on from  there. All in all, we are blessed and fortunate to have each other and share our lives with determination, perseverance, love and faith.


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