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From The Back Porch …

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Being Inconspicuous On The Back Porch …

I am sitting on the back porch and instead of focusing the morning on small bird photographs, I am trying out my Acme Photographic Scenic And Wildlife Back Porch Photography Kit #31 With Hide In The Background Or Bushes Green Adirondack Chair And Genuine Imitation Cloth Covered Foot Stool With Attached Accessory Bag. Hard Wood Cane, Handmade Chinese Dollar Store Pottery Coffee Cup And Small Black Dog With Tennis Ball Are Optional Accessories Purchased Separately.

When I see over the top of my coffee cup a movement to my right.

There on the back road was Red Fox walking slowly down the road. It was hunting the cleared space between the asphalt and the woods. The shadowy creature was a good distance from where I was sitting inconspicuously and paid no attention to myself or the Gretchen dog who was completely absorbed in playing with her tennis ball. I was, for the moment, at the height of being inconspicuous to man or beast.


Morning Visitor … Unmindful Of Being Watched

I reached over to my green table/chair, which was not part of the Acme Kit #31, and picked up my camera. With a slow deliberate movement designed not to run off wild photographic subjects, I turned it on and squeezed off a few shots before the Red Fox disappeared. Unfortunately, the woodland creature didn’t return for a second photographic session in better light.

Being in the right place at the right time helped get the low light image of the Red Fox. Of course, being remarkably inconspicuous in the background was a major contributor to the successful frame. On this shoot everything went my way. But that is not always the case.

Many times shooting subjects are random opportunities affording little to no options concerning where, when and degree of motion. With my limited mobility I have become a semi-master at shooting out a rolled down vehicle window. Turning the car around and pulling over to an advantageous spot where I can get the frame has almost become standard shooting procedure when I am out and about.

A "dropped off and picked back up" photograph

A “dropped off and picked back up” photograph

Not too long ago, my wife would drop me off on the side of the road when there was no pullover spots to shoot from. She would circle around the countryside and come back a while later. The system worked wonderfully as long as I gave her no reason not to pick me up.

Standing out in  the middle of nowhere is a great inducement to practice good, if not exceptional, marital behavior.

Shooting opportunities have a habit of showing up silently, but often quickly. I try to place myself in  a position to take advantage of opportunities often by simply waiting with diligence and patience. And yes, a great deal of visual information and imagery passes in front of the back porch or out the car window. Yeah … I am fortunate that way.

I also go few places without a camera. That simple fact is important. How would it look if a majestic occurrence appeared in front of my car or aliens from a distant planet landed in the back forty and I was without a way to document the momentous occasion.  That would be bad to say the least.

Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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