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Oh … At Times I Wept When Thinking Of Them …

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I have tried to do the calculations, but do not yet have the confidence to actually put my semi-educated estimates into practice …. yet. My perplexing dilemma is trying to accurately calculate how much additional insulin would be required to afford JEMDSC_2227-1me the luxury of consuming without mercy “A” or possibly “Two” glazed yeast donuts. Since the turn of the century my Diabetic condition has barred me from such delights.

There are times when the golden brown heavily glazed pastries haunt my dreams including my daydreams. Oh … at times I wept when thinking of them. So, my obsession can be somewhat understood by those inclined by a merciful heart to be sympathetic with my plight.

Years ago when I lived in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I ate Saturday breakfast at a local diner I called ‘the Spoon”. At six in the morning my rear-end would be parked at the counter ordering up the morning Blue Plate Special. But moments before that, I had turned into the parking lot of the local donut shop, and rolled down all four windows of the car. At five miles an hour … I breathed in an aromatic cloud of fresh donut smells.

The smells were so euphoric I should have been ashamed of myself for indulging in such selfishness … but I wasn’t. 

Close to the end of the parking lot I would roll up all the windows to trap in the wonderful smell. The morning heat of the Spring and Summertime worked best to trap each and every molecule of smell into the very fabric of myself and the car. The smells were so euphoric I should have been ashamed of myself for indulging in such selfishness … but I wasn’t. Wintertime played by its own rules and it was nice to have the windows rolled back up because the severe cold dampened the usually intense donut smells.

I was and still am thankful a city police patrol car never observed my behavior of passing through the parking lot of the donut shop at five miles an hour with all the windows rolled down. It could have proved to be very embarrassing.

So, I embrace my dilemma. I know insulin and meal combinations and their corresponding blood sugar readings. A donut or two will create a large blood sugar spike which I am sure I can handle. It is the aftermath rapid blood sugar drop afterwards that is troublesome. Low blood sugar readings are dangerous. Walking into walls, falling down and the dizziness are just the start of a blood sugar drop. Low sugar also causes intense panic feelings and if left unattended death.

By my calculated estimate, I should eat my morning gruel with accompanying pork sausages, cinnamon and butter. Shortly before the midday meal, I will shoot say … 20 additional units of insulin, Next, I will ingest my delicious, hidden and shameful passion with great relish and gusto. You know a individual and their pastries can be a very personal and private matter best left to the imagination of others should they be inclined to speculate.

Next comes the waiting. If calculated correctly … nothing of interest or note should happen. Well, except maybe a lingering aftertaste of a magnificent obsession. If I am wrong … a whole other set of horrors await me. At this time … I am still estimating the pros and cons of this temptation. That’s probably not a good thing considering my weaknesses involving desserts, pork and wonderful pastries.

Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

One thought on “Oh … At Times I Wept When Thinking Of Them …

  1. This is pretty damn funny, and just a tad sad too.

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