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Diner Lunch …

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Photograph By Sandra Murphy 2014

Anticipation … it can be a driving force that focuses your attention on your desires or passions … and heaven help those who impede your quest. A donut or two may be a pipe dream floating lifeless in the wind, but a semi-sinful noonday meal at the diner is altogether another proposition. It was finally time and with each short step I breathed in the excitement.

I was comfortable … I was home with a smile on my face.

I love diner lunches. Today at Dowell’s Diner in Burnside, Kentucky, I had the Blue Plate Special which was the fulfillment of all of this weeks food related daydreams, fantasies, and great expectations. The fast food feelings of want and deprivation passed into the background of my memory. I was comfortable … I was home with a smile on my face.


Whew …

The special consisted of a nice golden brown grilled pork chop with mashed potatoes formed to have a deep well of dark brown gravy accompanied by green beans seasoned with diced ham. It was just wonderful. And … the plate of delights was consumed with great gusto with only a few pauses in order to maintain a sense of decorum and the aura of being a semi-civilized gentleman.

A relaxed atmosphere brings smiles all around and the comfortable-as-an-old-shoe feeling grabs you by the throat.

It is almost mandatory that you have to visit with fellow diners and new friends. It is often surprising to find out the “Who, What, Where and When” of those sitting across or at the adjoining table. And … time seems to slow down without noticeable effort to accommodate another cup of coffee, or glass of iced tea.

Another Glass Is Accompanied By A Smile ...

Another Glass Is Accompanied By A Smile …

Important things and places seem to spawn a new perspective and sense of order. Many of the problems of the state, county and the Country are solved after a lively debate. Many of a fishing tale is told and if you believe half of what you hear within the walls of the diner you are going to have no small amount of trouble with life down the road.

I love diner meals especially lunch. In this day of fast food homogenization, a diner such as Dowell’s Diner is a treasure without question. When I grow old and retire to my rocking chair, I will speak in grand terms of the diner and the meals that often make me smile knowingly.

Condiments ... As Required ...

Condiments … As Required …




Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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