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It’s Tuesday … Or Wednesday …

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An Uncooperative Gretchen Dog

An Uncooperative Gretchen Dog

Here it is Tuesday and I haven’t shot a frame worth fooling with … the day before yesterday was marginally productive. I did get one frame of the Gretchen dog on the front porch. One good frame since she was inattentive and quite uncooperative. Her interests lay with the fact that there are three yellow cats next door and she hadn’t seen hide nor hair of them all morning. She has had next to nothing to bark at or run out of the yard. Even the Blue Jays were not to be seen. They were probably off somewhere sleeping off their lunch of peanuts.

It is miserably humid today. Already I have sweated through one shirt just by sitting out and pitching peanuts to the Blue Jays … mainly one named Bruce who likes to hide his and then come back for more. I usually cut him off at three peanuts unless the morning is very slow. And … today is very slow.

Today was a Cheeseburger and half an order of french fries lunch at the diner. It wasn’t inspirational as I was fully prepared for another Pork Chop special. But there were no specials left today …

Gretchen With Tippy

Gretchen With Tippy

And it is Wednesday … Gretchen had a play date with her friend Tippy this morning. It didn’t take long for her running in the dew of the grass to be soaking wet. And in such a condition, there doesn’t seem to be thirty cents of dog there. She had a time to say the least.

Friday I travel to the VA doctor in Lexington to attend to my eyes. Most of the summer I have been plagued with the inability to focus my eyes properly. This has hurt my writing and photography greatly both in production and post production. I am not a happy camper to say the least.

I have cut back on my nerve pain pills by two pills. That self-treatment adjustment has seemed to stop me from having so many hallucinations while driving or sitting out on the porch …  and I don’t fall down or walk into walls as much. It would seem that I have found the two pill threshold … but I don’t think it is worth the additional pain and suffering I have to endure. I still think about getting a pint of Gin to augment my medications.  If only Donuts were a universal cure for what ails you … wouldn’t that be something.



Anyway, down at the dollar store in Russell Springs, Kentucky, I noticed among the colorful Halloween paraphernalia, that Hola-Hoops are still being made and evidently sold. I had no idea.


Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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