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Bone Tired …

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I have been out of my wheelchair for over four months now, though I still carry it in the trunk of the car. Today  I feel like I really do need it again. I am bone tired. I have been getting by for short distances with only my bent wood throwing cane. That would be the one I use to keep the squirrels off the bird feeders and discourage cats from coming into the yard. Anyway, I can get into the diner, grocery, or department store and hop onto a handy electric cart and shop all afternoon.

Mr. Kurt is a talented, and generous personage and I am fortunate to call him Friend …

When one of the premier photographers/photojournalist of the great Pacific Northwest, Mr. Kurt Clark, came to visit I was able to climb down in a hole with him and take photographs of a waterfall just down the road from the house. I walked and climbed down and then out of that hole like no bodies business. Yeah … Mr. Kurt generously helped me in several places getting out of the hole, but I did better than I had anticipated.

I did pay for the experience. Two days later, I was flat on the floor or in the bed for about sixteen straight hours with terrible nerve pain in my feet and legs. Even my nerve pain pills, designed to help in such circumstances, did little to ease my suffering. Was it worth it … you better believe it. Mr. Kurt is a talented, and generous personage and I am fortunate to call him Friend.

Down In The Hole Falls

Down In The Hole Falls

When my Sweetheart had her heart attack at two-thirty in the morning, I was back in the wheelchair in order to navigate the long distances of the hospital. There was no way I could walk through a parking garage, the main lobby of the hospital, and then down a two hundred fifty foot corridor to her room. The distance to her room wasn’t an educated guess … on the wall every ten feet was a sign with the distance you had just walked. The physical therapy people logged in the walking distances of their patients.

And …  the screaming has diminished to a comfortable level when I drive …

I am still out of my wheelchair, fortunately, despite the hospital week. I have recovered fully from the vicious inner ear infection that struck me during the three weeks before my Sweetheart had her heart troubles. No longer do I get dizzy headed and fall down a lot. And …  the screaming has diminished to a comfortable level when I drive. I’m about ready to start up the Snapper and get after the back forty which the critters, large and small, have begun to think of as a protective sanctuary.

I have also received new glasses which seem to help with my ability to focus my eyes. The few photographs I have taken setting up the camera for specialty shots for the new project have been right where I wanted them.

Unfortunately, the Fall and Winter seasons just may put my new project on hold. With the winters we have here, outside, “Winter aliveness” may be an elusive creature. I just may have to find another project that centers around a lot of warm places. Yep … that sounds like a sound well thought out plan.


Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

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  1. Beautiful work. I hope you feel better soon. God bless.

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