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Guest Blogger Cousin Gene … My December Trip!

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Here it is the middle of December, 2014, and this is Guest Bloggist, Edition the 4th !

My December Trip


Cousin Gene (center) At The Diner During One Of His Trips

Every year, I have a trip to make, starting sometime in the middle of December and lasting until the end of December. Living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country, the winters are usually on the mild side of things. But my trip up north is usually snowy and on the cold side. That is just fine with me, because I only have one trip to make outside the place I am staying.

While I am there, I check in with a group of people that have been working very hard, making all sorts of things. I also check in on the animal caretakers, since part of the livestock they care for is really important to my trip. The vehicle that I use for the trip must be in tiptop condition. Really fast and aerodynamic! The folks that care for it are the best mechanics anywhere.

It takes a lot of work from a lot of people to make this time of year a big success!

This trip (in a trip) is usually a long one, starting on one day and ending on the next day. I cover a lot of ground (and water) before I finish the trip, and I declare, I feel like I go around the world! All my numerous stops are in periods of darkness. No one has to be home, for I have access to all places. And I do not go hungry. The animals with me enjoy the snacks, also.

When I finish my rounds, I am bushed! A long 24 hours, it is. The folks doing all the work beforehand can now take it easy for a while, maybe take a much-deserved vacation. Then they start it all again. The reactions of the people that benefit from all that work make it all worthwhile.

As for me, I head back to the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, where I have a bench on a porch to sit on and a Mountain Dew in the frig!

For Additional Photographs From Geezer94 Click on This Link


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  1. Happy 2015! Thank you for being you, and for your inspiring posts!
    Best wishes

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