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The Old Guy . . . Hunting And Pecking Along . . .

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I started out my writing career, a long, long time ago, hunting and pecking amongst the keys, tapping out letters to form words, and trying to look proficient. I had things to do and stories to tell. And, I do still have quite a few stories to write about.

Then the computer came into the workplace and the dramatics of day to day work changed . . . abruptly . . .

Typing Lessons And Sore Fingers ...

Typing Lessons And Sore Fingers …

During the first winter the computer was in the office, l took a grade school typing text book and taught myself to type. I went all the way through the book except the number keys. Interruptions and an increased Spring workload kept me from getting back to the schoolbook and the number keys in that top row. So far that lack of knowledge hasn’t hurt me that much.

Computers with their plastic components and the likes were perceived to be dead lifeless personages. What is missing was the mechanical clacking of selected keys striking paper and padded rests upon their return to position. There was a feel and sound that pronounced that work was being accomplished. The sounds a printer makes is reassuring only to a point that thank goodness the thing is working despite its nature of needing software fixes.

The next horror that appeared in both the workplace and home was smart phones and all sizes of tablets …

I have weaned myself from a mouse with my laptop, but I do not see the tablet replacing Old Faithful. But if I look at everything realisticly, I cannot do anything but ride the storm of progress.

The tablet contraption is a coffee house companion when I am on the road. With it I am back to where I started forty years ago. Hunting and pecking, learning to type, speed typing, hunting and pecking with a stylus on a small screen tablet.

I have come full circle.

I don’t think much of the accomplishment.

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I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

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