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Guest Blogger … Cousin Gene Edition #5 … The Big Game …

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February the Oneth, 2015
Guest Bloggist, Cousin Gene … Edition #5 … The Big Game …

Here it is Super Bowl Sunday, and I am not all that interested in the big game. I enjoy watching some professional football, but my team is not in the big game, so I will only look for the score occasionally. My team (I say “my team” because I am a part owner.) is the Green Bay Packers. Well, my team just gave the NFC Championship away to the Seattle Seahawks. I would like to see New England win number 4, but if they don’t, oh well. After all, in the big scheme of things, the big game is not all that important.

Cousin Gene

There are a couple of alternatives, such as the “puppy bowl” or the “kitten bowl”, which will air on a cable channel earlier in the day. I probably won’t watch those either.

Back to “my team”, the Green Bay Packers, it is the only publicly-owned team in the NFL, and I own one share. Makes me a true “Cheese Head”. I have rooted for the Packers for a long, long time. Since the days of the “ice bowl” at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Vince Lombardi as the head coach. My favorite player was quarterback Bart Starr. One Christmas Santa gave me a Green Bay Packers helmet and I think I put Starr’s number, 15, on the helmet. What a wonderful gift, it was!

On my bucket list is a visit to Green Bay and Lambeau Field. Not in the winter time, though. July or August would be a good time for me to visit. It?s only about 1000 miles from my house, just a couple of days’ drive. I do have a couple of nieces that live near “the windy city”. I could sponge off of them for a couple days on the way! Whatever I decided to do, I would need a lot of Mountain Dew for that trip!!!!



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