Old Guy Photography

The Old Guy . . . Last Photograph . . .


I often wonder what my last photograph would be of … What would the last clunk of the shutter or bottom of the iceberg image be when I am found lifeless … slumped over in the front seat of the car, back behind a building or lying face down in the woods or back forty … oh, what would be the last image recorded on the old Nikon’s memory card?


This Portrait Of My Sweetheart And Gretchen Would Have Been A Wonderful Last Photograph …

Over and over again, I speculate that when they take my camera from my lifeless hand, or maybe pick it up from the bottom of the hill or wrestle a possessive Raccoon for ownership, what would the back of the camera window show?

A masterpiece perhaps, though masterpieces are few and far between. I’ve had a few photographs to be proud of, but as many photographers know …  there are a thousand to one not so impressive images lurking on backup hard-drives that would disprove any justification of grandeur.

Hopefully, the image won’t be of a fierce and deadly animal attack and shows me gallantly though futility defending myself against formidable odds. And yes, a forty pound angry Raccoon with nasty sharp claws and teeth that feels cornered in the woods behind the house is a formidable adversary. But then, so am I when armed with a hardwood throwing cane.

Maybe the images would show, in my last effort before succumbing to insurmountable odds, that I did a “Daniel Boone” on that Racoon’s forty pound rear-end.

What will happen in the future is an intriguing thought. The last image. It is a thought any photographer would and has considered at one time or another. I could waste a bit of time on it, but choose not to indulge such a fantasy no more than I already have at this date. Will the thought pop up now and again … I’m sure it will as I cull through my photographs at the end of the day.

Anyway, It is a given that I will not be privy to the knowledge of my last photograph. I do hope it will be a good one and contain a smile for someone.



Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

2 thoughts on “The Old Guy . . . Last Photograph . . .

  1. “they take my camera from my lifeless hand,” No time soon I trust.
    I haven’t been out with my camera for a couple years but here are some of mine.

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  2. Hope for thousands of great images! Hugs!

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