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The Old Guy … For The Love Of Women …

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Women Again


Can anything light up a room,

Bring warmth and comfort to the darkness,

And be cloaked in such mystery or anticipated adventure,

Than a woman’s smile?


What weakness of mankind comes to the forefront,

When confronted by an adversary,

That commands attention, is dangerous to the touch,

And intriguing beyond our wildest imaginations.


Oh, folly of those who tempt the fates,

By underestimating the influence,

Of a veiled implication, a subtle motion,

Of dark sultry eyes suggesting unknown hidden desires.


How foolish we are, and always will be,

To never realize the obvious or learn simple truths.

How poor, how unfortunate we are to never realize,

The true ecstasy and glory of a woman’s smile.


SilkStockingsI have always loved women. I love the smell of them, the touch of them, their laughter, and wonderful soft smiles. I love their passions, the mystery and the whole range of them. I have loved women from my first breath of life and over these numerous years have been broken-hearted by  quite a few of them.

I have, in my time,  run wild with them, drank gin and wine deep into the night, hollered loudly at the moon, and lay naked under the stars with them. Understand a one of them … well … no.

Deep into my youth, I quickly came to the realization that I would never tame,  or understand those intriguing personages I was awkwardly and most often haphazardly encountering. It became a simple case of pull up your pants boy, get your best speed up, and pray you can keep up with any one of them.

There have been moments I have wanted to sing unashamedly when thinking of them, or scream into the night because of their ways and contradictions. To this day, I do not harbor self-serving illusions that I understand women. Oh, no such thoughts cloud my troubled little mind, and … l wouldn’t want to have their mysteries revealed to such unworthy eyes as mine anyway. At my age I would probably leave such valuable knowledge in the refrigerator or forget where I hid it so I wouldn’t forget it.

I am a better person in their presence and because of them. And, I do hold tight to my friendship with my Sweetheart and the women I have come to know over the years. They are the spice of life and repeatedly teach me about love, devotion, friendship and the things that should cherished, and kept close to one’s heart.

The Poem ‘Women Again’ From Branches Of Thought … Verse In Four Seasons. By John E. Moss © 2005



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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

One thought on “The Old Guy … For The Love Of Women …

  1. Beautiful John. ❤ this.


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