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Guest Blogger Cousin Gene Edition #6 … Somerset Adventure …

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John, read it and weep! Gene

The fellow that normally writes this column has requested that I contribute to the cause, so here goes!! (If you may recall, this is the fellow that was concerned about being found expired in a wrecked car with a bag of women’s cloths.)

Guest Bloggist, Edition the 6th.


Cousin Gene & Cousin Jeannie In Jamestown

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit my dear cousin, Jeannie, and her husband, John, the head blogger. Their automobile is currently under the weather, so to get around, they have been depending on the kindness of friends, relatives, and strangers. It was my turn to be the chauffeur and I was happy to do so. (I charged them the family rate!

 I recently had traded in my 12 year old truck for a new one, which has plenty of room for driving Miss Daisy. My old truck would not have worked out very well. One of them would have had to be a hood ornament. I would take them various places, such as breakfast or lunch or pie or shopping or just where ever. We had a wonderful time doing whatever they needed done.


Unauthorized Photographs Of Cousin Gene … Taken At Granny’s Country Cooking …

Two days, while I was there, we made a trip to nearby Somerset, for Jeannie’s dialysis. While she was undergoing that procedure, John and I usually ran around the Greater Somerset Area. But first, lunch must be gotten! I defer to John for the places to go, since he has been doing this for a while. These two days, we went to his latest, greatest, eating establishment, a place I think was called “Granny’s”.

John knows all the folks working there and they all came by to say hello. While waiting for our orders, and a friend of his to join us, John showed me how to turn on his fancy camera. (How he did that will never be spoken of again!) He took some unauthorized photos of me and has been blackmailing me with them. (I must find a way to pay him back!) The food was quite good, here at “Granny’s” place. I see why he comes here a lot. We had a nice visit with his friend, as well. They are both photographers and enjoy taking photos. I asked John why his photo was at the cash register, with a caption, “Do not accept a check from this man!” He never did answer my inquiry. 

After lunch, we said our good-byes and headed off, looking for some kind of Kentucky Wildcats trailer hitch cover for my trailer hitch. After stopping by some businesses, I came away with nothing. Oh well. It was time for my every-other-day-chocolate-milk-shake fix, so we drove to Dairy Queen. I was successful with this purchase and it was delicious! We drove south towards Burnside, to visit a location that John wants to attempt a climb to get a photo of train crossing a bridge. We decided that we will attempt to complete this venture in the fall when I return. Wish us good luck


Hard At Work … Cousin Gene & Cousin Jeannie

It was getting time to pick up Jeannie, so we drive by a Baxter’s coffee shop, but there was nowhere, nowhere at all, to park. So no fancy coffee on this day. (Not for me.) We picked up Jeannie and off we went. Her session was uneventful. Another day in paradise. We returned to their home and after a few minutes, off I went to my place of residence. Waiting there in the refrigerator for me was that elixir of life, Mountain Dew!



Next Week … Something Interesting or something current …

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