Old Guy Photography

The Old Guy … Yesterday … The Last Photograph Of The Day #2



Last Photograph Of The Day …


Ready For The Morning …


Lunch Beckons …


Black Bird Standing On Door Stop …

Yesterday's Glory ...

Yesterday’s Glory …


Weed Flower …


Brunch …

Coffee Shop ...

Coffee Shop …


Leaving The Yard …


Clean …


Summertime …

Last Photograph Of The Day … 



Next Week Or So … Something Interesting or something current … or #3

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

7 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Yesterday … The Last Photograph Of The Day #2

  1. Each photograph is a small piece of puzzle: when we put them together, we create an image of a certain memory. The same as in a puzzle game, we know what the whole picture looks like, but the photographs come in handy when we want to reconstruct the subtle details – a feeling, a smile, a look, a wonder. When I look at my pictures I remember the day they were taken, and what I felt.
    Checked out your 500 page – beautiful images, the birds are my favorite.
    Have a peaceful weekend!

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    • Ms Inesephoto, the birds are my favorites … especially the Blue Jays. They are beautiful. And … as you say, I also remember places, people and things when I look at my photographs. Especially, the night photographs because I was learning long exposure photography and it is a great love of my life. I want to get back into the night but my wifes health forbids it. Thanks for your kind comments and observations.

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      • You have beautiful photographs. I am not doing night photography – my eyesight is too poor for the manual focusing.
        Hope your week is peaceful.

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      • Ms inesephoto, I do not use manual focusing. Only once was I unable to get a focusing ping when trying to get a photograph. In all these years only once. Most of my night photographs are shot at f22 and a long exposure time (bulb) … sometimes over three minutes. I time my shots with an Ipod Touch or a tablet.


  2. The coffee shop looks like a perfect place to read a good book! I like the yellow bicycle too. They’re all wonderful photos, as usual, G.

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    • Ms Danica … the coffee shop is a wonderful place to write, rest, observe and exchange ideas. One location is on the way downtown. It is an old house. The next location is down the main highway on the way to the diner in Burnside, and is where the photograph was taken. Quiet, friendly and very comfortable. I do a lot of blog post writing at this one. The third location is in the lobby of the hospital. Glad you liked the photographs. 🙂

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      • That’s a perfect coffee shop environment! The one in an old house sounds intriguing. I don’t believe I’ve seen that use before. I’ve come across restaurants in old houses but not coffee shops. The 2nd location does seem ideal for blog post writing! A quiet coffee shop environment is not easy to find, between the noise of the machines, dishes being banged around and staff hollering at each other :). Thanks for the stories behind these photos!

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