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The Old Guy … Poor Chocolate Bunny …


Poor Chocolate Bunny

I have been having a lot of trouble with my blood sugar readings. Being a two shot-a-day diabetic, it has become, regrettable, but a semi-normal pattern. Of late, my morning and evening blood sugar readings have become a roller-coaster ride of hardly tolerable high readings to low readings where the warning signs of low sugar envelope you with short notice or announcement. I will be sitting at the computer or my evening chair to watch a movie and the first warning sign of impending trouble will be that I need to clean my glasses … often it isn’t my glasses.

For myself, blurred vision to loss of vision is normally the first symptom of low blood sugar. Then the cold chills reach my legs and lower back and I become overwhelmed with a feeling of unrestrained panic and physical weakness. I just want to run away, far away … run anywhere, but I can’t. It is then … I know I am in serious trouble.

If lucky, I can walk on wobbly legs to the cabinet and my stash of sugar laden treasures including peanut butter crackers, small chocolate bars and hard candies. Or, I open the refrigerator where I keep an emergency freezer bag of frozen pieces of candy bar.

Several times of late, which is one too many, I have had to crawl on the floor to the cabinet and its ground level doors … One night proved to be a long one when I couldn’t get back up. I slept on the floor and Gretchen probably thought I was crazy. She did finally come to rest against my legs and that was some comfort though the floor is not as comfortable as the couch.



Not long ago a friend gave me a boxed large Chocolate Easter Bunny. This was after one of my low sugar instances. She thought that broken apart, the chocolate could be kept in the freezer for emergencies. Well, I waited for awhile thinking it seemed to be a harsh fate for such an excellent culinary example of form molded chocolate magic. I left it lay in the kitchen while I thought on it. There was for the moment, no sense of emergency.

After a night and midday low sugar episode, one after another, my consideration of possible fates of the bunny changed. Poor chocolate bunny, beautifully molded and fated for the freezer compartment, went to the chopping block late one afternoon. I did feel a bit sad but hey we all make donations, and or sacrifices at one time or another. I think it was the chocolate bunny eyes that made the whole “into bite size pieces” process … a bit strange feeling. It wasn’t until the bunny was packaged and placed into the freezer that I started to experience over and over again … “How Strange” it was going to be for a long while.

It was, for the curious of heart, during a low sugar episode quite refreshing to the taste and accomplished the task at hand.


Freezer Bag Poor Chocolate Bunny



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The Old Guy … Gretchen … Every Day A Wonder …


       Gretchen … Princess Of Her Domain

Small dogs do get into your heart so easily. Gretchen has been a great comfort to me and at times … a great pain. She is headstrong to say the least, which I suppose is common to those animals that weigh about four pounds and are height and size challenged. Not that she feels or knows so. When confronted by a large field cat, there is no back down in her. That is troubling at times, and I dread one of those large field cats getting a hold of her. Thankfully, the large cats know how far her leash runs and stay out of reach or otherwise pay little attention to her barked warnings. .

Ninety percent of the day is playtime and not too much interrupts her schedule. In the early morning she wakes me by dropping a toy or her tennis ball in my face. We wrassle for a while and then I give up and get up. Next is kicking the tennis ball out of the kitchen while I try to fix my oatmeal breakfast. During breakfast she sits on the back of the couch and looks out the window. If I take too long eating breakfast or sitting at the computer, she jumps on my legs or bumps them with her nose. Her persistence means it’s time to play throw-fetch and tug-of-war with her toys. Now that the days are a bit warmer it also signals time for outside play.

She pauses for lunch, afternoon naps, and dinner. She wakes up wanting to play and grudgingly goes to bed at night after a rough and tumble game of tug-of-war or fetching her small stuffed dog or tennis ball. I have tried to train her to be a porch dog but her favorite thing when not chasing a tennis ball is to be on cat patrol … and everyone knows it by her alert barking at any sign of one in the other yards. she also does not want Doves or Blue Jays in the yard. When she sees or hears them land she is off to the races in a blurr.


Gretchen At Her Lookout Window

Chasing away the birds would be alright except I take photographs of the Blue Jays and other grown feeding birds. I don’t stuff the bird feeder with Black Oil Sunflower seeds for pure enjoyment. It is a treat/reward type working relationship. But thankfully, most of the time the Blue Jays show up, Gretchen is asleep on my legs and doesn’t realize they are close.

I have never seen a dog as small as she is that is so quick, so fast and for the looks of it runs, jumps and disappears on what appears to be chicken legs. Her poor little legs, when seen soaking wet, appear to be no larger that common chicken legs. But she’s strong and strong of heart.

Late at night she climbs up the reclining chair arm and myself and sits, or lays on my shoulder. After her tummy rub she will walk back down and lay on my legs. She likes to sleep on or with me.


When editing …. this one almost got past me …

Gretchen is a pretty good photographers helper with her riding in the passenger seat or standing on me looking out the driver’s side window. One thing she does love is to watch the horses play in their pastures. I think running horses fascinate her and she could look at them for hours. But, she does occasionally get in the way. Several times as I gently press on the shutter release, I will see two blurry ears popup in the bottom right of the viewfinder.

All in all, Miss. Picky eater is a grand companion and keeps me going. Occasionally, she does get mad at me and I recognize for the most part her moods would be as a result of something I did or didn’t do. But, most of her unhappiness is usually around flea & tick treatment time. I guess it hurts some with her being on the near bottom rung of the 0-10 pound scale.

For a little dog … she is pretty much a keeper though she’s not enthusiastic about being brushed or having hair trimmed. I think I will keep her around … especially since she is in my new Will and few photographic helpers won’t work as cheap. As an added incentive, I have promised her my car if she can learn to use the computer and edit images in Lightroom.



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The Old Guy … Miscellaneous Chicken Parts … Bones Included …

I have a deep fondness for many things related to food and food in general. And occasionally, certain random sights, sounds or smells remind me of long ago memories and culinary experiences. Especially those recollections of treasures compiled during a wonderful time growing up. Often coming to the forefront, I remember those magnificent baked, fried or roasted golden brown treasures of beef and King Pork. As a young man growing up in west Tennessee and Memphis, chicken, beef and pork were easily accessible.

Being brought up with fried everything especially pork and pork products, it must have mystified my parents and grandparents that I would pass on chicken prepared in any style or submerged under any number of flavorful gravies. In retrospect, my distaste of chicken oriented meals could come from the fact that when a Sunday chicken went to the chopping block … I was the one with the galvanized bucket chasing wildly after the headless body. Those circumstances at my expense, afforded great amusement to my grandfather. He would, with exaggerated gestures, point and shout out instructions on how to corral the elusive dead bird. This was accomplished between bouts of uninhibited laughter … more-so if the bird flopped into the garage and had to be retrieved from under his automobile.

A Reasonable Representation Or Facsimile Of A Co-conspirator

A Reasonable Representation Or Facsimile Of A Co-conspirator Begging For Food On The Back Porch

I don’t know why, but later in life I had to grow to like fried chicken, or chicken related products in general … again. That lasted only a few years. Ironically, after my last crock-pot whole chicken which resembled a pale dead body just lying there in a limp contorted position and a fast-food chicken pot pie, which was disgusting, I have returned to not eating chicken … again.


    Replica Of The Offending Chicken Pot Pie In Question

And to note the self-sacrifice and depth of personal deprivation … I had at one time … really, really liked chicken pot pies. I even didn’t care about all the contents inside them including miscellaneous chicken parts, caged or free range and the likes. Beaks, lips, ears and feet … it was all good … all good sort of like inexpensive commercially canned Vienna Sausages. I drew the line in the sand when I started pulling large pieces of chicken bones out of a highly advertised fast-food chicken pot pie that I had paid a small fortune for at the drive-thru window. It was very, very disappointing.

Now I know, being a reasonable fellow known not to judge or make hasty condemnations, that though the chicken actually per-say was not guilty of poor preparation or presentation … it could be held to account as an essential co-conspirator to the horrid incident involving the not so complete consumption of the fast-food chicken pot pie in question. I’ll stop at that and let it rest there … except …

And no … I have not weakened my resolve, touched, nibbled, consumed or secretly when everyone’s backs are turned, licked another chicken pot pie except to produce a replica chicken pot pie.



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The Old Guy … Preparing Chili/Rice Lunch … Or Maybe Dinner …


Step A: Remove Lunch/Dinner From Freezer – Start Thawing


Step B: Remove Container From Food – Keep Thawing Lunch/Dinner


Step C: If Still Firm To Touch – Keep Thawing Lunch/Dinner


Step D: Re-Heat Deep Fried Pork Steak And Green Bean Leftovers



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