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The Old Guy … The Snapper Mower … A Worthy Adversary … Part 2 of 2


Continued from part 1 of 2 … The Snapper Mower … A Worthy Adversary …

I was determined not to be bested by a supposedly inanimate object …


The Fix-the-clutch Maintenance Position …

I was unsuccessful the first three tries at the belt installation. I was cut, scraped, savagely pinched and bleeding. My hands and fingers were cramping into claw-like appendages and the corrugated box had put rug-type bleeding burns on both of my elbows. During the beginning and ending of each attempt, I took cool off and getting your breath back breaks on the back porch. Several times, I had to wait until I got my legs back before wobbling back to the old building and my adversary.

The fourth attempt had the belt stuck in such a way that I had to cut it out of the machine and go get another mower belt from the Snapper dealer. During the fifth attempt, I remembered a step that made the installation easier. I was happy to get it on correctly without further injury or mental anguish but had to shake my head for forgetting an important installation fact.

Starting the faded red machine up, I cut the backyard and back forty once again. The antique mowing powerhouse worked like a new one …


A Four, Going On Five, Year Old 33 inch Cutting Blade That Yet Hasn’t Cut A Single Blade Of Grass …

Two days later, before the rains were supposed to show up, I went out to do a little cutting. The Snapper started right up like never before and as I pushed in on the clutch I heard something like an off key bell ring loudly. No matter what I did, the twenty-plus year old machine would not go into gear. It just sat there running smoothly like never before … Knowingly, I turned it off and pushed it over in front of the small red out building. Fifty years earlier in my lifetime, you wouldn’t have believed the stream of sailor profanity that would have addressed my new-found situation. But alas … we haven’t done that nonsense for ever and a day …

The online owner’s manual said to work on the clutch and drive system the machine needed to be setup on its rear-end. Well, common sense says if that is to happen successfully you better take the gas tank off, remove the engine oil and take the battery off … or else.

I fooled with it … jerked it sideways, tapped it gingerly and sat an stared at the machine. Common sense told me the clutch was working properly and the problem was elsewhere. Friends showed up one day to look it over. While that was going on they managed to get the old cutting blade off and my four year old replacement blade put on. For years I had not been able to get it off the machine by myself and here they managed quite nicely. The bright red paint stands out from a distance for sure even though the blade has never cut a single blade of grass.

My deductions surmised that either a drive shaft or drive chain was broken. A simple test proved I was correct. Unfortunately, rain and cool temperatures have kept me from fooling with the old fossil. I will later in the summer. Somehow I will have to get the chain case off and inspect the parts. Right now I am reduced to using the push mower and dividing the yard into sections with cutting a section a day until done.

So … the antique cutting machine remains standing on its rear-end, tied semi-securely to the old red out building. One day it may head out into the back forty, but then it may not. I haven’t given up on it but as they say … time will tell. So far … it has been a worthy adversary.



The Snapper During Better Days



Next Week … Something different … just don’t know …

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

7 thoughts on “The Old Guy … The Snapper Mower … A Worthy Adversary … Part 2 of 2

  1. Hi G! A worthy adversary indeed! No doubt you’ll prevail. In the meantime, that push mower will be quite the workout!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ms Danica … fortunately, I have a loaner riding mower. My feet, legs and lower back can’t take much of the push mower. I have to divide the yard into squares and cut one a day … so when the last is cut …. the first needs me to start all over again. With this loaner mower I have set a new record. In the last five years I have only mowed over one straw hat and have not fallen off the mower despite several close calls. Thank you for your generous comment.


  2. Never give up! 🙂 It is a fine piece of machinery.

    Liked by 1 person

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