Old Guy Photography

The Old Guy … Images From The Front Porch #6 …



Images From The Front Porch #6 …

Mom & Youngster

Mom And Youngster At Lunch …


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds Are Worth Waiting For …

Gathering Nesting Materials ...

Starling Mother Gathering Nesting Materials …


Next Week Or So … I Just Don’t Know …

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

6 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Images From The Front Porch #6 …

  1. I got a recipe for those suet cakes from I think I am going to try it and see if it is any cheaper. Usually when I do these things, I end up spending more than I would just buying it. LOL

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    • Ms Sheila, thank you for the help. I went through the figures and even when not factoring in my time and labor … the dollar suet cake at the grocery was a much better option … and as an added bonus I have not clogged my drains, ruined clothes or poisoned Gretchen and myself. Old Guys are notoriously clumsy, and prone to catastrophic recipe mistakes. Yeah …. I imagine I can make a dollar work …

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      • After considering it more, I came to the same conclusion. Some things are just not worth the trouble. I just got back from Walmart with $6 worth of goodies for my birds. I’ll get my money’s worth in entertainment. BTW, I noticed the other day that we share the same last name. Lot of us around, I guess.

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  2. Ms Sheila, my branch of the Moss family is out of Bolivar (the old home place) and Memphis Tennessee (fathers place). I moved to Kentucky in the last of ’67 after one of my aircraft carrier cruises overseas.


  3. So funny, mama Starling brought her baby for a lunch 🙂 These ‘babies’ are bigger than their parents, but still demand food. So she decided to take him out for lunch instead 🙂

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  4. Ms inese, they are something else to watch … the Spring baby boom is ovet so I’ll have to start shooting something else … but I do have a nice inventory of my Spring visitors to share. Thanks for your kind comments!


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