Old Guy Photography

The Old Guy … Images From The Front Porch #22 …



Images From The Front Back Porch #22 …

Hidden In The Shadows

Hidden In The Shadows …

Top Of The World

Top Of The World Ma …

Make room For Me

Make room For Me …


Next Week Or So … Something That May Be Of Interest …

For Additional Photographs Click on This 500 px Link …

For More Additional Photographs Click On This Flicker Link …


Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

9 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Images From The Front Porch #22 …

  1. I feel sorry for the hummingbirds when the wasps come around..

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    • Ms Vicki … there are times the feeder is covered with honey bees, flies, and wasps. They keep an eye on the feeder and return when everybody thins out … right now all but two have left for the Winter …
      Thank you for your kind words …

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      • I wish that the hummingbirds that come to our feeder would leave soon but I guess they know the time. I’ve only seen wasps on our feeder, not honeybees or flies… you are right that the hummingbird comes back when everyone else is gone.

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  2. What do you mean, next week something of interest? I always find your posts interesting. I don’t always have time to comment though.
    Like this morning, I couldn’t read all the posts I follow because my other-half had to get a MRI. Life seems to keep getting in the way -!! 🙂

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    • I know what you mean GP, when my wife of 29 years passed away, I just about shut everything down. It took a while to start taking photographs again, and I still haven’t written a post in nearly a year. I am starting to think about writing again. We shall see what comes up “with illustrations”.
      Thanks for your kind and generous comment.

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  3. You have such a variety of birds there! And the colors! Beautiful photographs!

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    • Well, they are thinning out. The Hummingbirds are gone for the Winter and the Blue Jays are covering the fields where corn has been harvested. Not sure what the Winter will bring. I have the seed ready for them and if the camera doesn’t freeze solid, I’ll try to get a few shots. Thanky you for your kind comment.

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  4. Ms inese … I am getting ready … twenty plus cans of canned meat and I am stocking up on soup. I have lamp fuel and I am looking for a small gas cylinder camp stove should I loose electric service like last year. So … if I get snowed in another two weeks I will be able to manage. Thanks for asking.


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