Old Guy Photography

The Old Guy … Looking Around In Black & White #15 …




Looking Around In Black & White #15 …


Lunch On A Gray Fall Day



Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

9 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Looking Around In Black & White #15 …

  1. Different season, different birds.

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    • Yes Ms inese … the bleak season is fast approaching. I noticed one of my photographs today (B&W) looked like a depression era photograph. Here at the American Thanksgiving Holiday the leaves are near completely off the trees and a cold wind is visiting more often. Maybe I do need some time to rest and get my feet back under me … this has been a painful fall season and at my age the painful effects are accumulative … Last week I fell twice trying to get a photograph. I think next Spring just might bring some high adventure and a willing spirit. Thanks for your kind comment.

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      • John, you don’t need a time to rest from your photography. You just have to watch your feet, and leave some locations for next Spring. Please, keep taking pictures and writing. You can capture seasonal changes from your window if the weather is not good, and write your stories. You are so very good on writing stories. You can also try something new – light and shadow compositions, textures and patterns you can find at home. Spring will come sooner than you expect. You know how the time is flying. xx

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      • Of course you are correct Ms inese. December marks the last postage stamp in the series … so another project is in order say … maybe shadows or something else. I still have to put the barn book together and I might have a “student” to show the ropes. Thanks for your support and comments. g

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      • It is what I am saying 🙂 You have so much to do.

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  2. Hi G, I’ve nominated you for the inaugural Treasure Trove Award! There are no rules or tasks involved. You can find your award here:
    If you prefer not to be involved with awards, please accept this as a gesture of my appreciation. Thank you for your treasure of a blog! 🙂

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