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The Old Guy … Edgar The Basement Frog …


(Down in the basement loading the dryer …)

Cousin Gene … “There’s a frog down here.”

Old Guy … “Yeah, there is … I heard if you want to keep the bugs and spiders down put a frog in the basement.”

Cousin Gene … “Really … that is a small one. Can’t hardly see it … same color as the floor.“

Old Guy … Yep …watch out you don’t step on the fat little fella.”


That afternoon in the basement doing a clothes drying contained an unexpected surprise to me. I didn’t know I had a basement frog. I hadn’t thought about such a circumstance much less looked for one. After all, Fall was becoming Winter and active frogs were a scarce commodity.

Edgar The Basement Frog

Edgar The Basement Frog

I haven’t an idea about how the small amphibian came to be where he was seen and dutifully identified. After all, the basement windows are five feet above the floor and haven’t been open in decades. The steep steps leading down into the dungeon are not readily accessible to small critters since the double doors, basement and outside, are seldom open for any length of time … at the same time.

Some time after Cousin Gene left, I saw my basement frog again. By this time he had acquired a name which is what happens around here if you or something hangs around for a while. Even Cousin Gene was tagged long ago with the moniker “Pie-Man”. So … “Edgar the basement frog” was welcomed into the family.

And so … the next time I saw Edgar I offered to take the fat little fella upstairs and release him into the wild. I thought he would be at home in his natural habitat with all the others of his species. But, he would have none of it and I finally gave up trying to be Mr-do-gooder. He was a wiggly little fella even after being dropped once by accident. After a few weeks, I saw him again and rushed as I can up and back down the basement steps in order to get a photograph of my newest dependant. He hadn’t been trained to come to me on command, so photo opts had been few and far between. 

Since our photographic session, I haven’t seen Edgar.The basement doesn’t get cold enough to freeze, so I don’t expect to find a frog-sickle lying on the floor and … someone or something is drinking the water from the dog dish I keep re-filling ever so often. I suppose he is doing alright … but then, maybe I don’t want to know what he’s doing and or what could be drinking an unusual amount of fresh water every week.





Next Week Or So … Something along the same line or something current … 

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

4 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Edgar The Basement Frog …

  1. How wonderfully mysterious! Could he have come through some pipes, maybe a basement sink? I can see how Edgar would like it there. Maybe he’ll want to venture back to a pond or field when he gets a little bigger.


  2. That is a beautiful yet hilarious story the way it was told!!! Who knows, he or she may save your life down in that basement one day!!!❤


  3. So, there is a critter who drinks the water from the dog dish. Whoever it is, you made them happy. I don’t know how much food is necessary for someone like Edgar, but I am sure that all the spiders will be gone by the time you can take him back to the pond.
    And who knows, may be there are other characters in this story… 😉


  4. Poor little fellow could starve to death. Wonder what frogs eat other than bugs?


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