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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #02

.The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #02

For a long time, I had my eyes on a box of Sweet Cornbread Muffin mix that seemed to be resting comfortably in the top of the food cupboard. Never did get around to fixing it until my diabetic diet changed. The instructions on the box were pretty much straight forward except I didn’t have milk in the house. But, I did have an old box of powdered milk mix in which the remaining package hadn’t been opened.

The End Result Of The First Attempt …

In the measurement cup I poured the water and added mix until it was very much the consistency of real milk. The rest came together without additional detours and or problems. Except, when the anticipated delicacies came out of the toaster oven … they looked nothing like I remembered since they rose not a single solitary millimeter. Next to a quarter … they were puny … and proved to be “almost” ineditable even when soaked in lots, and lots of real butter. When going through all the steps of this disaster, I found that the small box of Muffin Mix was five years past its expiration date. Five Years!

New and supposedly fresh ingredients were then painstakingly mixed according to the box directions. And I carefully double checked the dates of all the ingredients. There were no deviations, inventive embellishments, or creative substitutions with the recipe. And, instead of baking the potentially delectable items in a black-iron muffin mold, I used a aluminum cupcake pan and multi-colored cupcake papers.

Yes Indeed Success!

Success! Often, a victory doesn’t have to sparkle and shine like a new trinket held close to the heart. Victory can be as simple as a precious note of satisfaction found in a wonderful fresh hot-buttered Sweet Cornbread Muffin. And the mix made nine of the sweet jewels. Livin’ large with a smile.

A grand finish after an earlier unexpected disappointment. Two buttered Sweet Cornbread Muffins grace my plate along with leftover White Beans W/Onion and ketchup, last of the bottom-of-the-pot thick Buttered Potatoes, and Leftover pan fried Pork Tenderloin w/thick homemade Gravy.*

Livin’ large with a smile.


*Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the remainder of the Sweet Cornbread Muffins molded and had to be thrown out. Not used to such delectables in the kitchen … I forgot they were in a container on a high shelf well above my line-of-sight. By the time I remembered them it was too late. Even extraordinary lifesaving procedures such as scraping their little bodies like you would burnt toast couldn’t make them pliable or the least bit desirable.


Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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