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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … -#03

.The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #03

For the longest time I have eaten a salad for lunch. It helps a little with weight control and foremost helps me manage my blood sugar. My diabetic diet is mainly a bowl of oatmeal with two sausage paddies for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a one small plate dinner consisting of a lean meat with green veggies, beans or soaked overnight (to get the starch out) potatoes cooked in various ways.

The problem with the salad lunch was there were not enough carbs in the salad and between lunch and dinner I was beginning to have some low sugar episodes that were becoming frequent and frightening. It was getting so bad that I made an adjustment of -2o units of insulin per shot and added a toasted sandwich (+30 carbs) and a serving of cottage cheese to the lunch menu.

A Different Look To The Same Old Salad Lunch

Well, the adjustments have worked so far but to dress up lunch a little more, and after a diligent search of the Internet, I started making my version of the wedge salad. I cut a 3/4 inch round slice of lettuce. On top of the lettuce round, I add cottage cheese and poppy seed salad dressing. Next comes the diced fresh tomatoes, radishes, and cucumber. Rounds of cucumber also grace the plate for presentation along with the toasted deli ham sandwich. It is good for sure.

Livin’ large with a smile.



Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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