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The Old Guy … Ellie’s Perspective #06 …

Across The Highway …...J.

Sometimes in the late afternoon the intruders appear in the pasture across the highway. I give them down the road mean barking from the top of my front porch. At the same time, the Old Guy Moooooos at them repeatedly, but my warnings seemed to stop them in their tracks. On this day, the large beasts just stood there looking pensive and undecided on what to do next. They were stubborn, but got movin’ quickly back to the barn when the large German Shepherd that lives across the highway charged off a side porch of the neighboring residence, barking, and snarling in a terrifying baritone voice. The Cows found themselves nearly surrounded and made a quick break for the barn on the other side of the hill. I really didn’t need help barking at them, but it was fun having a little extra excitement to end the afternoon.


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