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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #10


.The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #10

Calico Omelette W/Sausage Breakfast

Morning Menu.

Red, Yellow, Green, & Orange Bell Peppers make up the Calico Omelette mixture. I cut and chop the peppers in advance and freeze them in a plastic freezer bag. This is a time saving convenience. The same mixture is used in my Calico Rice recipe. A first step cooked Pork Sausage is cut up and added to the peppers. 

Chopped White Onion is added to the Pepper and Pork Sausage mixture. I generally saute the colorful mixture in real butter and leftover sausage grease until the Peppers and White Onion pieces are soft and nearly translucent.  Note: I use a lot of paper towels when cooking. It is alright to remove any frying pan from the heat temporarily in order to keep flaming paper towel and soot out of the menu item. 

The Onion, Pepper and Sausage mix is removed from the pan. Before I add the Scrambled Egg mixture, Salt and Black Pepper, I let the pan get back up to temperature. The two Scrambled Egg mixture is perfect for a nine-and-a-half inch square pan and makes a nice Thin Omelette. I use the square frying pan because I like ninety degree angles and straight lines. The square pan also makes plating tender dishes like the thin Calico Omelette easier.

The cooked Calico pepper and sausage mix is then carefully placed in a corner of the square pan. I like to fold the left and right corners toward the center. This is done to keep the tender Omelette from tearing apart during plating. Note: before folding corners, Cheese can be added if required.

The top corner of the Omelette is then folded down leaving room for the Pepper and Sausage mixture to make a colorful presentation.

Easily plated and ready for breakfast. An additional Pork Sausage, Coffee and well done Toast complete the morning meal.

A morning presentation that is neat, clean and flavorful. Note: only one paper towel was severely fire damaged during the preparation of this meal.

Livin’ large with a smile


Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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10 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #10

  1. Wow, G, this looks wonderful! Glad you were able to keep paper towel destruction to a minimum. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes paper towels do suffer from my being clumsy. In one meal, Cousin Gene was helping me make spaghetti and the paper towel fire was put out by dropping the flaming towel in the spaghetti water. Fortunately the incident did not add to or subtract from the taste of the meal. Thank you for your kind comment. g

      Liked by 1 person

  2. yum. great shots of the plated food

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ms Noel. I don’t do studio work, so my food shots are in the kitchen as I cook. Nothing fancy at all. Since I am recovering from two right on the razor edge of fatal heart attacks in a week (before Halloween), I spend my recovery time in the kitchen and on the computer. Plus it is seriously cold outside and Old Guys don’t do cold well. Again, thank you for your kind comments. g

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Only one burnt paper towell? Kudos! And that breakfast looks delicious!


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