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The Old Guy … In My Opinion … #07

The Old Guy … In My Opinion

Yes … The Emergency Kit Is In The Bathroom Drawer …

Nail Polish and Toothbrush … this is my new “if you’re gonna use Super Glue make sure your “Emergency Super Glue Removal Kit” is up to date. I repaired my small vacuum sweeper handle with Super Glue. The next morning, I found the glue had leaked during the repair onto the zipper of my trousers, one trouser leg and my almost new shirt. I ended up with a hole in my shirt. The Super Glue wasn’t going to turn loose of the fabric and I poked a frustrated finger right through the fabric while scraping at the quarter size spot. So now, I have a new knock-around shirt to wear in the house. The zipper was another story. I scrubbed, scrubbed and scrubbed it with the toothbrush laden with Finger Nail Polish Remover. For the longest time, it wasn’t gonna give up. Finally, we breached our impasse when I unceremoniously compromised. The zipper would go down and up, but when it wanted to and with enough of a struggle as to make me mutter to no end in a frustrated … very low key voice. I am beginning to think that NP (no pants) Days should be celebrated more often. 





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