Old Guy Photography

The Old Guy … In My Opinion … #13


The Old Guy … In My Opinion …

Adapting to a new pet … or …

“When something like a two year old won’t pay you no mind …”

Kitchen Chair In The Hall … Kat does play in this chair but can’t get up on the kitchen table despite her unbelievable jumping ability. The other Kitchen Chair resides in the back bedroom and can be brought out as required for company. The hall chair blocks the attic stairs and has to be walked around when entering/leaving the kitchen (left) or the bathroom (right).

The Kitchen Table (bare of adorning oak chairs) which is off limits to small and large critters including Kat. The table is divided one half writing table/home office, and one half food preparation and food consumption area. It is very inconvenient to have to drag a chair in from the hall in order to sit at the table. I am working on another solution but seem stuck on a wealth of indecisions to choose from. And, I know, this is a temporary solution. I imagine when Kat gets larger she’ll be able to jump flat footed onto the table. Then comes Plan B whatever that will be.

Kat (conveying innocence)




Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

3 thoughts on “The Old Guy … In My Opinion … #13

  1. Looks like a very nice little cat. And I look forward to seeing more of her.


  2. LOL- trust your suspicions – she will be able to leap on the table in no time! Kat is an adorable cat!


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