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I was caught off guard when Kat came to live with me. I greatly underestimated her. And even greatly doesn’t describe the length and depth of my ineptness. I was under the impression and thought she was a sweet little soft kitty that loved naps, playing with stuffed mice and looking outside at the birds from the back of the couch. Along with my scratched up legs, arms and hands … I am learning.

Twice I caught her up on the stove or at the kitchen sink and countertop. Scolding her didn’t seem to make an impression. I was lost to find a solution. Then one afternoon, she must have forgotten I was sitting at the kitchen table working on the computer. She jumped into the other kitchen chair, then jumped onto the small food preparation ledge in front of the microwave and was almost ready to jump onto the stove when I hollered at her. It’s not practical to move the microwave because I needed the ledge to stir food and the likes when cooking. Moving the chair into the back bedroom wasn’t a solution because I needed it for food prep. So, after thinking it over, the temporary fix was to block the ledge with a pizza box and a moist wipe container. I also  keep the chairs pushed up to the table when not in use. So far this temp fix has stopped further feline exploration of the sink, counter and stove top. It has not stopped the demand for explanations.





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