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The Old Guy … Lunch Out … Worst Lunch Ever


Worst Lunch Ever … The restaurant visited, out of the kindness and self-restraint of my heart, I won’t mention.

I have never made a burger or had much less a purchased burger that was able to free stand on its side without falling over or appart. And the sides of the common burger are round for goodness gracious. Also, a burger when compiled correctly is supposed to be soft and luscious with a freshly cooked beef oriented fragrance that blends splendidly with fresh Onion, Lettuce, tomato and melted Cheese. This monstrosity was suffering from a deficit of noticeable or even mediocre smells.

This was supposed to be a Bacon Cheese Burger with everything on it except this impostor arrived without everything on it and of course the BACON, of which it was named after, was also left off. I think … it tried, by its benign presence on the spacious plate devoid of accompanying side dishes, to lay there inconspicuous in its obvious shame and disgrace.

The five dollar special also came supposedly with a Baked Potato. The poor creature never made it out to the table. It was handed to me as I left the dubious dining establishment. At home, I baked it, and nuked it but the center was rock hard editable. I threw the center out in frustration and ate the remains which had the texture of old and stale. The culinary delight probably belonged to the no baked potato left behind or unsold program. Even the butter didn’t help it. All-in-all … this was a memorable dining experience since I am not able to to keep it from running around in my mind. Worst lunch ever. I have to ask myself how could a National Chain Restaurant perpetuate such a food horror. AND NO … I did not consider sending it back to the kitchen. I am a firm believer of not making the people who handle my food infuriated by complaining about them or the food they prepared. There will be no return engagement. Worst Lunch Ever …




Next Week Or So … Something along the same line or something current … 

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

15 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Lunch Out … Worst Lunch Ever

  1. yes alot of sad emoticons should go with this meal ……..

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  2. Oh, my, goodness…that looks and sounds horrible! Good thing you’re a good cook! 😉

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  3. This is hilarious! To read about anyway, maybe less so to experience firsthand. Did I understand correctly that they gave you a raw potato on your way out?

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    • Cooked a little Ms Danica. The center was hard and cold and wouldn’t accept cooking encouragement. I threw it out and ate the rest which was not pleasant. Thanks for commenting. g

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  4. Too bad you didn’t join me for lunch. I made a taco salad with one pound ground beef and chopped onion, fried, added taco seasoning.. then cut up romaine lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Topped with salsa and Frito corn chips. I have enough ingredients stored separately to make soft tacos with it in a day or two. And a portion to freeze too. Next time I’ll send an invitation!☺️

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  5. That is a sad excuse for a burger!!

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    • A seriously sad burger Ms anne … and I was with friends who suffered equally with their meal. I won’t hear the last of this for quite a while. Thanks for commenting. h


  6. No wonder I rarely eat out!

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    • On my budget I eat out maybe once a month. Very disappointing and no one at this eating establishment seemed to care. I mean, after twenty minutes, I was given my side potato as we were leaving …. thanks for commenting. g


  7. My mind is racing as I try to figure out where this must have come from 😱. What a sad meal… and how unfulfilled you must have been.

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