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The Old Guy … Oh No Grandpa …


Many years ago when I was young, impressionable, and pretty much innocent, I would sit in the front porch swing with my Grandpa and he would talk and ask questions of me.

Often my Grandpa would ask about if I had a girlfriend or similar questions akin, but lesser invasive, to what the old men sitting on the front porch bench of the general store would shout or ask when I walked in or out of the old store. I ran that embarrassing gauntlet many a day when wanting a moon pie and Nehi Orange drink after lunch. 

The one question that remains in my memory was my Grandpa asking if I ever looked through the key hole. It took a few seconds to realize what he was talking about. Yes, if the key wasn’t in a lock you could see into the next room. But why would anyone want to …  oh. In another few seconds, I blurted out “Oh no Grandpa, I wouldn’t do that”. My answer was quite forceful seeing how it was the truth and I repeated it several times. But, for probably the last time, I was young and dumber than a flat rock and didn’t fully realize the numerous implications of the question.  I well remember his answering laughter.



Next Week Or So … Something along the same line or something current …  

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Author: geezer94

I was told by my grandfather that if you are destined to hang you'll never drown. I have never been afraid of water . . .

13 thoughts on “The Old Guy … Oh No Grandpa …

  1. So glad to see you here! Love the story, imagine it’s a true account and more please!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I too am glad you’re back (I just started following your blog), and I am looking forward to reading your next post. Wishing you good health and happiness. — Laureen

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  3. Keys are symbolic. Especially the skeleton key.

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  4. Ha! Giggle, giggle.

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  5. What a great memory! Your grandpa sounds like he was quite the character!

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    • Ms diane he was a disabled WWI veteran and yes indeed, a character with a Grand sense of humor. He taught me to live life well and to be thankful for each wonderful breath I take. g

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  6. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to see you blogging again! I hope that means all is well in your world! I love that door knob and key hole photo. I can’t recall ever wanting to look through the key hole as a youngster…?!?!?!!?

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  7. Missed you! And I love this story. Your great grandpa probably asked your grandpa the same question so both grands were setting things up for great laughter.

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  8. Grandparents have a special place in our hearts. This is a great memory. Thank you for sharing.

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