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The Old Guy … I Was Stunned …

Early in a fog filled last morning of the dead front yard tree. The object of contention was deemed dangerous and could fall without much provocation at any moment.
Dead branches start to fall. Earlier in the week, I went to fill my bird feeder with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and just as I was about to pour in the seeds, the branch the feeder was attached to broke clean off the tree. It hit me on top of my head, then on the way to the ground knocked the seeds and feeder from my hands. Seeds were scattered everywhere. I was stunned from the force of the blow, but managed not to fall down though I did some peculiar things standing up (no description available). Fortunately, no one in the immediate area witnessed my distressing predicament and I made it back to the porch swing in short order.
Towards the end, large pieces of dead tree fell to the ground with a deep baritone thump. I remained in the porch swing observing, because my less than admirable history of avoiding thrown and especially falling objects should not frequently be tested and or envied.
Finishing up. I will now be able park in my driveway without fear of the tree and power lines falling and damaging my vehicle beyond repair. I will also no longer be at the mercy of the flock of birds that enjoy sitting on the power line after consuming numerous daily meals.
Game over … except without the tree there are no limbs to hang my bird feeders and suet cages. So … the birdbath is now my bird feeder and the small black mosquitoes that are one of my summer torments will have to find another favorite breading place.


Next Week Or So … Something along the same line or something current …  

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