Old Guy Photography


The Old Guy … Mortality …



In the distance,

The end of my days,

Can be seen.

Mortality altering perceptive truth,

Stark and cold to the touch,

Life narrowed by the distance traveled.


Sweet heaven,

I am not done with my journey.

There is much to do …

Much to say,

Songs to sing joyously,

Much by pen to be set to paper.


When and where unknowns,

I clutch moments,

A few hours,

Precious one and all.

I feel weak at heart,

But proclaim a strong spirit.


From the distance,

I am beckoned,

Though old eyes betray me.

I was a man … once,

Complex and forceful,

Without hesitation or faltering steps.


Yet now … in the distance,

The end of my days,

Move timelessly …


Jem © 2018



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From the book ‘Swan Song’ by jem 2008