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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … -#04

.The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #04

Every once in a while I try something new. The food item would be something I heard about or read about. You know … something different … maybe something exciting. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of guarantees given for such ‘found’ or ‘self-inspired’ recipes. But alas, human nature, wishfully unencumbered with less than successful memories of ‘oh no’ moments, suggested possible delightful morsels worth the occasional roll of the dice. That’s what I thought about my own inspirational recipe for Fried Cabbage.

First And Only Attempt At Fried Cabbage … It Tasted About As Good As It Looks …

Well, it was a disaster that proved just a bit to hard, if not impossible, to consume. And how could it be? The recipe was well thought out and planned. I cooked the fresh cabbage slowly in butter and olive oil, often stirring gently so not to bruise the leaves. Their suddenly turning dark was a nagging concern along with the noticeably peculiar smell. A touch of minced fresh onion didn’t help. Neither did salt and pepper or a little more olive oil. It was not a dish that would beckon you to discover its hidden delights. It sat there like a lump … lifeless, unappealing, greenish-brown-black and without any redeeming social value whatsoever. I taste tested a small amount and the experience left a lot to be desired.

I asked a professional cook photographer and dear friend, Ms Lori Greene of Black And White Only, about the fried cabbage and I was told that I should have blanched the cabbage in salt water before frying…used butter instead of oil…added some fried bacon to it plus a little of the grease for flavor. Well, I missed that recipe by a mile and a half. Will I fix it again … No. Will I fix it again with the new recipe … No. I think I will stay with the tried and true method of boiling my cabbage with ham pieces, artificial sugar and a little salt and pepper. Anyway …

Livin’ large with a smile.



Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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