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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … Noodles & Shrimp …

Dinner Is Served

Simple menu with Rice Noodles cooked in boiling Onion soup. Don’t over cook the delicate noodles or they will become soft and fall apart. A little under cooked works well because the noodles will continue to cook in the serving bowl while the rest of the dish is being put together..

I used Jumbo Raw Shrimp instead of precooked Shrimp because I wanted to carefully cook the delectable morsels. Overcooked seafood is not good. The Shrimp were thawed in cold water, carefully pealed and then cooked in a combination of fresh minced Garlic and real Butter. Additional seasoning should be added as required for personal preferences.

Plated … This dinner was better than it looks. Prepared easily and in a timely manner this recipe is a keeper and can be modified to accommodate Chicken, Pork. or Veggies. The Onion Soup has a nice presence and works so much better than Chicken stock. As an added hint, the bundle of Rice Noodles should be broken in half. Shorter noodles to make eating this dish easier.




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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … Relaxing Lunch …

Relaxing Lunch

Side salad fixin’s. Fresh Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Sweet Onion, Radishes, and Celery were chopped into a medium salad. Salt, boiled Egg Wedges, and Lite Sweet Vidalia Onion Dressing were added last.

An Onion Bun was buttered and pan toasted. The warm bun was given a covering of Miracle Whip, Swiss Cheese and Fresh Lettuce.

Layers of thin Ham are then added along with Bread & Butter Chips and Tomato slices.

Plated. A round toothpick with an Olive on top kept the divided sandwich sections from falling apart. A perfect combination of side salad and Ham & Cheese sandwich made for a nice relaxing lunch.




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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … Pork Steak w/Gravy & Sweet Potatoes …

enter stuff three

Peeled and quartered Sweet Potatoes are slow boiled until tender. They are then transferred into a baking dish for final oven cooking.

The sow boiled Sweet Potatoes are covered with Cinnamon Sugar and butter and baked for two hours at three hundred fifty degrees. I reduced the heat to two hundred fifty degrees an hour before serving. This kept the dish at a good serving temperature.

A nice cut of Pork Steak is flour dusted and pan fried. Length of cooking time depends on thickness.

Assembly … Fresh Sweet Corn buttered w/salt & pepper w/Buttered Slow Baked Sweet Potatoes

With or Without Gravy. Pan Fried Pork Steak is hard to turn down.

Plated the way I like it. Pan Fried Pork Steak w/Homemade Gravy, Baked Sweet Potatoes w/Real Butter and Cinnamon Sugar and Fresh Corn-on-the-cob.

Words don’t due justice to how good this meal tastes. Tender Pork Steak and Sweet Potatoes work together splendidly. The Sweet Corn was tender and memorable. All-in-All a grand meal soon to be repeated.





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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … -#04

.The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #04

Every once in a while I try something new. The food item would be something I heard about or read about. You know … something different … maybe something exciting. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of guarantees given for such ‘found’ or ‘self-inspired’ recipes. But alas, human nature, wishfully unencumbered with less than successful memories of ‘oh no’ moments, suggested possible delightful morsels worth the occasional roll of the dice. That’s what I thought about my own inspirational recipe for Fried Cabbage.

First And Only Attempt At Fried Cabbage … It Tasted About As Good As It Looks …

Well, it was a disaster that proved just a bit to hard, if not impossible, to consume. And how could it be? The recipe was well thought out and planned. I cooked the fresh cabbage slowly in butter and olive oil, often stirring gently so not to bruise the leaves. Their suddenly turning dark was a nagging concern along with the noticeably peculiar smell. A touch of minced fresh onion didn’t help. Neither did salt and pepper or a little more olive oil. It was not a dish that would beckon you to discover its hidden delights. It sat there like a lump … lifeless, unappealing, greenish-brown-black and without any redeeming social value whatsoever. I taste tested a small amount and the experience left a lot to be desired.

I asked a professional cook photographer and dear friend, Ms Lori Greene of Black And White Only, about the fried cabbage and I was told that I should have blanched the cabbage in salt water before frying…used butter instead of oil…added some fried bacon to it plus a little of the grease for flavor. Well, I missed that recipe by a mile and a half. Will I fix it again … No. Will I fix it again with the new recipe … No. I think I will stay with the tried and true method of boiling my cabbage with ham pieces, artificial sugar and a little salt and pepper. Anyway …

Livin’ large with a smile.



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