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The Old Guy … Curious Kat …

Kat watching Dog TV

Kat has been quiet this morning while she sits on the end table or the couch leg watching Dog TV. I would not even begin to speculate as to what she is thinking. Her eyes do search all over the place when they have a lot of bird sounds accompanying the video.

Pumpkin on the other hand has been upstairs all morning except when he hears the rustle of the treat bag or when I am in the kitchen cooking. He’s Johnny on the spot then. Evidently, he has no interest in Dog TV.


Next Week Or So … Something along the same line or something current …  

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The Old Guy … Freedom

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After forty years of continued use, I no longer have to wear glasses. And, I can focus my cameras along with being able to do post production work on digital images and write my poetry using my fountain pen-index card method. Freedom. My cataract surgeries were successful beyond my wildest expectations.