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The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … -#04

.The Old Guy … Cooking Something Different … #04

Every once in a while I try something new. The food item would be something I heard about or read about. You know … something different … maybe something exciting. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of guarantees given for such ‘found’ or ‘self-inspired’ recipes. But alas, human nature, wishfully unencumbered with less than successful memories of ‘oh no’ moments, suggested possible delightful morsels worth the occasional roll of the dice. That’s what I thought about my own inspirational recipe for Fried Cabbage.

First And Only Attempt At Fried Cabbage … It Tasted About As Good As It Looks …

Well, it was a disaster that proved just a bit to hard, if not impossible, to consume. And how could it be? The recipe was well thought out and planned. I cooked the fresh cabbage slowly in butter and olive oil, often stirring gently so not to bruise the leaves. Their suddenly turning dark was a nagging concern along with the noticeably peculiar smell. A touch of minced fresh onion didn’t help. Neither did salt and pepper or a little more olive oil. It was not a dish that would beckon you to discover its hidden delights. It sat there like a lump … lifeless, unappealing, greenish-brown-black and without any redeeming social value whatsoever. I taste tested a small amount and the experience left a lot to be desired.

I asked a professional cook photographer and dear friend, Ms Lori Greene of Black And White Only, about the fried cabbage and I was told that I should have blanched the cabbage in salt water before frying…used butter instead of oil…added some fried bacon to it plus a little of the grease for flavor. Well, I missed that recipe by a mile and a half. Will I fix it again … No. Will I fix it again with the new recipe … No. I think I will stay with the tried and true method of boiling my cabbage with ham pieces, artificial sugar and a little salt and pepper. Anyway …

Livin’ large with a smile.



Next Week Or So … maybe something different …

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The Old Guy … I Never Would Have Thought …


Back in 86′ I purchased from a mall shop in Bowling Green Kentucky, one pair of black plastic framed glasses that had bushy black eyebrows, large plastic nose and generous black mustache. The aforementioned glasses were not a necessary purchase but a desired one.

The mustache glasses didn’t really come into play until 1996 when I lived in Fredericksburg Virginia but worked fifty miles south in Hanover. That small stop was, for the most point, considered North Richmond Virginia. Each day, I road the heaviest traveled Interstate (I-95) on the East Coast to or from work. It was nerve wracking to say the least and most of the time barring car fires, speed traps and multi-vehicle-pile-ups … boring.

I decided for the drive home to wear the mustache glasses. I was interested in the bumper to bumper sixty-five plus miles per hour reactions by all the other driver/passengers. I was sorely disappointed. No one noticed. I was passed by three hundred cars going over the speed limit … and no one noticed. Talk about an object failure.

celebration-16In 2005 I bought my first digital camera and during the late night hours did a series of Selfies wearing my mustache glasses before I even knew what a Selfie was. I was doing a series of postcards and every eighth card was a Selfie Political Campaign Card.

The first Selfie I made was warning campaign sign stealers/defacers. I also used it for a screen saver on my work computer. The screen saver worked quite well though the campaign sign protector part sort of worked.

The next card was a political speech revisement/apology card saying I remember saying all those words but I don’t remember them arranged in that particular order”.

There were quite a few of the 2005 Selfies. On a note of interest, several of these photographs were printed in a German Magazine.


Revision/Apology Political Card “I don’t remember … “

Sorry No Answers Available

To The Press … Sorry No Answers Available


Resource Preservation Is My Middle Name

The Next time I indulged in a Selfie was 2012 when I published a book featuring myself standing or sitting in front of selected common everyday places all over Jamestown and Russell Springs. The mustache glasses were used to demonstrate “The Acme Look Inconspicuous In A Crowd Disguise Kit #14”. It was only used in one photograph of the book.


The Acme Look Inconspicuous In A Crowd Disguise Kit #14″

To this day … it still rankles my innards when I think about the original I-95 experiment with the mustache glasses. Fifty some odd miles of horrendous bumper-t0-bumper traffic and no one noticed. No One Noticed! I have often wondered was it driver apathy or big city fear that influenced the cold non-reactions? Did people actually notice and suspected I had a shotgun or pistol in my lap waiting for an excuse to explode into a full fledged Road Rage incident? Twenty-three years later and the whole thing still gets me right in the neck. I never would have thought …



Next Week Or So … Something along the same line or something current … 

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